Our Business

The Cockerington herd of Pedigree Charolais cattle has been in existence for over 40 years and is now one of the breed’s largest and oldest established herds. Every animal on the Cockerington farm is full Pedigree and it is an entirely closed herd. We only sell direct from the farm, during the past year over 30 bulls have been sold. We sell to farms all over the United Kingdom and Ireland.

We have been developing Poll Charolais for 45 years and are highly specialised in this sector.

Our breeding criteria, built up over 40 years specialises in:

  1. Polling
  2. Easy Calving
  3. Excellent temperament
  4. Deep natural fleshing coupled with good length
  5. Good bone structure and good supportive legs
  6. Located 4 miles from the cold North sea our cattle are exceptionally hardy

Our herd now numbers approximately 200 animals and we are instrumental in establishing new Pedigree herds throughout the country.

All our cattle are sold ex-farm in order that buyers can see that the cattle have not been artificially prerpared or fed, our feeding regime ensures that the bulls loose minimum condition on sale.

As our bulls are naturally fed and are not forced in any way we achieve excellent skeletal development coupled with deep natural fleshing and high fertility, we have never had a Cockerington bred infertile bull.

Exceptionally High Health Status

The herd is located in the predominantly arable area of Lincolnshire where we farm 1350 acres.   There are no other livestock adjacent to our borders, creating a completely isolated livestock farm. Our herd is completely closed and in order to maintain our high health status our cattle do not go to shows or sales. We do not inject and never have injected for IBR or indeed any other infectious diseases.  We are in a 4 year testing zone for T.B. and have never had a reactor.